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Palm Springs

5th Annual What the Celesbians and Celebs Are Packing for Dinah!

5th Annual Down at Dinah: What the Celesbians and Celebs Are Packing

What are our favorite ladies bringing to our favorite girls' fest?

The largest lesbian fest on the planet, The Dinah, is coming up once again, and as our friends at SheWired are preparing to pack their bags with sunscreen (or spray tan), BDG tank tops, Mac Lip Glass and hydration tabs. We wondered what essentials all the celesbians and celebrities appearing at The Dinah are planning to pack in their bags, so we asked. Here are the essentials, according to the experts!

Chef K (The Taste and Millionaire Matchmaker)

1. My girlfriend, Brittany Wiener

2. Phone charger

3. Vape-Cig, quit smoking 6 months ago

4. Biggest bottle of Advil, enough to share for the rough mornings

5. Abundance supply of Smartwater

Brittany Wiener (Millionaire Matchmaker)

1. Suitcase full of bathing suits, gotta have tons of options

2. Box of chapstick, I manage to lose em' all

3. Make-up

4. Heels

5. Sunglasses

Tucky Williams (Girl/Girl Scene)

1. Abisha Uhl

2. 90 percent dark chocolate squares

3. ThermaCare heat wraps

4. Chelsea Handler's new book

5. My weave

Brooke "Pumkin" Thompson (Flavor of Love and Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School)

1. iPhone, to take pictures of everything just in case I can't remember what went down the next day

2. Coke Zero, love it, can't live without it

3. Enema, sometimes when I'm away from home, I need a little help!

4. Weed, gotta be relaxed before I insert anything in my ass (enema)

5. Pepper spray, never leave home without it

Ari Fitz (The Real World Ex-Plosion)

1. My Supras, because I'm obsessed and they go with everything

2. My beanies, because I really can't live without them and no one wants to see me try

3. My camera, this is what filmmakers do, we carry cameras

4. Face toner

5. My Hershel bags, because girls love good skin and good style, duh

Jill Bennett

1. My younger woman, she'll be able to explain the music and/or activity choices of her generation to me

2. Vodka, duh

3. Sunblock -- I'm still extolling the virtues of keeping your skin protected

4. My clone -- too many parties, not enough sleep!

5. Enthusiasm, as host of the poker tournament, I'm going to need it (I decided to stick to hosting duties this year after being taken out of the tournament last year with pocket kings)

Nikki Caster

1. Madonna's Immaculate Collection on vinyl

2. Favorite framed photo of my sweet-hearted Angel Ladies, Taylor and Leila

3. Ear plugs and yoga mat

4. A notebook to document the MOST AWESOME things heard, seen and experienced during The Dinah

5. Other essentials: sunglasses, bikini, sunblock, water, toothbrush, open heart with lots of love and appreciation for The Dinah

Nicole Pacent (Anyone But Me, She4Me

1. My best girl friends for their FIRST EVER DINAH WEEKEND! Let the initiation begin

2. Plenty o' champagne

3. COCONUT WATER, an obscene amount

4. iPod dock for pregaming

5. DJ Morgan "Goodboy" Hildebrand -- get in line, ladies. I saw her first ;)


Dalila Ali Rajah (Secrets & Toys, Cherry Bomb

1) My Secrets and Toys crew so we can celebrate the beginning of its festival tour during one of my most magical sapphic times of year :)

2) Water!

3) Tequila!

4) Limes!

5) And a few naughty things to give away at the Dinah Film Festival ;) 


Erin Foley - Stand-Up Comic 

1. One passport and two wigs

2. A small, blow-up kiddie pool in case the Hilton pool of lesbians becomes too overwhelming

3. New dance moves and new dance pants

4. A shetland pony for commuting between hotels late at night

5. Yahtzee


Jamie Scoles (Nylon Pink)

1. All black everything, because you can never go wrong with black!

2. A bathing suit to wear under my clothes so that I am pool ready at any given moment

3. My camera, to take amazing photos of the beautiful Palm Springs

4. Sunglasses, because you got to have dope shades to match every outfit

5. A phone charger, because I'm always getting myself lost


Rolla Selbak (Kiss Me I'm Famous)

1. Pen, gotta write it all down, it's all a chance for a new stories and characters -- so be nice!

2. Shazam -- the DJs really put it down at Dinah, I love the music, and I want to make sure I get it all so I can download later

3. Chocolate, Dinah is one big cheat week

4. Running shoes, to make up for said cheat week

5. Hand sanitizer, because hotel rooms


Haviland Stillwell

(Photo by Robin Roemer)

1. Energy drinks

2. Phone charger, so many Instagrammable moments

3. Water

4. A playlist, which should include this song

Kiyomi McCloskey (Hunter Valentine)

1. My Guitar -- we are happy to say that we will be playing the pool party again this year!

2. Ray-Bans, you can't go wrong with classic sunglasses and I am sure I will need them after the way people party at Dinah

3. My GQA "Lez" snapback

4. Ear plugs -- sometimes those dj's start insanely early and if your room is anywhere near the pool, you're f*cked for sleeping in

5. An extra suitcase to put my girlfriend Lauren Russell in, just in case she decides to come

Laura Petracca (Hunter Valentine)

1. Drumsticks, duh

2. Lots of sexy underwear, cause I'm a real lady underneath all this toughness

3. Sunscreen, and I'm definitely going to need help with the application process

4. My Mac red lip stick, for when I play and win for HRC at the celebrity poker tournament

5. I'm not bringing pajamas...

Abisha Uhl(Sick of Sarah)

1. Birth control

2. Condoms

3. All my pink shit

4. Something to wear

5. Cross out the first two things, I'm a lesbian ;)

Lauren Neal

(Photo by Vince Truspin)

1. My older woman, somebody's gotta make sure I go to bed at least once over the weekend

2. Show-stopping dance moves, erratic gyrating can actually help ward off unwanted advances

3. Business cards, always fun to get hit up months later by someone who thinks finding one in a back pocket means you hooked up

4. Hella abs, what's a shirt?

5. My poker face -- this youngin' is gunnin' for y'all at the tables!

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