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5th Annual What the Celesbians and Celebs Are Packing for Dinah!

The largest lesbian fest on the planet, The Dinah, is coming up once again, and as our friends at SheWired are preparing to pack their bags with sunscreen (or spray tan), BDG tank tops, Mac Lip Glass and hydration tabs. We wondered what essentials all the celesbians and celebrities appearing at The Dinah are planning to pack in their bags, so we asked. Here are the essentials, according to the experts!

Chef K (The Taste and Millionaire Matchmaker)

1. My girlfriend, Brittany Wiener

2. Phone charger

3. Vape-Cig, quit smoking 6 months ago

4. Biggest bottle of Advil, enough to share for the rough mornings

5. Abundance supply of Smartwater

Brittany Wiener (Millionaire Matchmaker)

1. Suitcase full of bathing suits, gotta have tons of options

2. Box of chapstick, I manage to lose em' all

3. Make-up

4. Heels

5. Sunglasses

Tucky Williams (Girl/Girl Scene)

1. Abisha Uhl

2. 90 percent dark chocolate squares

3. ThermaCare heat wraps

4. Chelsea Handler's new book

5. My weave

Brooke "Pumkin" Thompson (Flavor of Love and Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School)

1. iPhone, to take pictures of everything just in case I can't remember what went down the next day

2. Coke Zero, love it, can't live without it

3. Enema, sometimes when I'm away from home, I need a little help!

4. Weed, gotta be relaxed before I insert anything in my ass (enema)

5. Pepper spray, never leave home without it

Ari Fitz (The Real World Ex-Plosion)

1. My Supras, because I'm obsessed and they go with everything

2. My beanies, because I really can't live without them and no one wants to see me try

3. My camera, this is what filmmakers do, we carry cameras

4. Face toner

5. My Hershel bags, because girls love good skin and good style, duh


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