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Exclusive | A Unique Adventure to the Floating Islands

Exclusive | A Unique Adventure to the Floating Islands

Thanks to a knowledgeable and generous guide a private boat was arranged for a unique tour of the Uros Islands or "floating islands" off the coast of Puno, Peru. Typically, a large group tour of this unique island is available at the port in Puno, but spend minimal cash and take the private tour -- you will be thankful and feel less like a tourist.

One will be amazed at how this group of Aymarans literally live and sustain their lives solely off of totora reeds providing homes, sustenance and transportation for their residents. It really is amazing and you can even spend the night here if you choose, but I would only recommend this during the summer months due the extreme cold of Lake Titicaca from June -- September. Regardless of the time of year, come prepared for feeling cold, especially if you live in the southern United States.

If you visit this unique living environment, it is customary for the locals to sing you a song and you must sing a song in return. The only song I know all the lyrics to is "Nasty Girl" by Vanity Six and for obvious reason I was not going to sing that song. -- Michael Siebert

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