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The Gayest Airlines

The Gayest Airlines


Vintage United Airlines graduation day: "a happy day?for the girls?and their families." Patronising, camp, glorious.

Don't you wish Braniff International was still around? Any airline that used that old queen Andy Warhol (and Sonny Liston) along with the tagline "they like our girls, they like our food, and they like to be on time? When you got it, flaunt it" would have been worth a bailout.

This isn't an ad for an airline, but is pretty racy and then pretty memorable. And has guys having sex in a plane restroom.

A perky song that sounds like a Sunday afternoon kids? cartoon. Welcome to that much-missed fussy-old-queen of airlines, TWA.

It?s Braniff again, this time with a sexually very ambiguous Salvador Dali (and Whitey Ford!)

Gay Travelocity U.K. commercial for air travel?bizarre.

And here?s more Braniff! "You can fly with us seven times and never fly the same color [plane] twice" is just a taster from this surreal camp airline-of-the-future 1965 airline ad. Um, stewardesses in Emilio Pucci coats and space helmets?

Alan Cumming being more Scottish than anyone really is on Scottish sitcom The High Life. If you understand the lingo, you?re doing well. "Dinnae be feart ? grab life by the nuts."

"If you?d wanted to sleep with him, you?d have married him." Virgin upper class commercial?

Little Britain's David Walliams and Matt Lucas do their gay/straight Irish airline stewards sketch.

 From the campest old-school commercials and a "straight" air steward getting a shock to the airline that thought Andy Warhol would be poster boy for its "they like our girls" catchphrase and what cabin crews really get up to in the bathroom?
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