Chinese Travel Tips for Visiting U.S.: Heels=Hooker, Silence=Trouble

Chinese Travel Tips for Visiting U.S.: Heels=Hooker, Silence=Trouble

If we're respectful travelers, we give thought to the nation we're traveling to and try to conform to the culture of that place. Many Chinese travelers attempt the same courtesy when they cross the Pacific and visit our shores, but sometimes things get lost in translation.

The website Mental Floss dug up some Chinese travel suggestions and translated the text via Google. Here's what they uncovered: Americans hate silence. "If you do not make a sound for a long time, the Americans will try to get you to join in the conversation. They might ask if you are physically uncomfortable, or if you need help."

Another observation is that Americans strangely like to do their own housework. "Americans, in general, whether doctors, professors, businessmen, or lawyers, do their own cooking, laundry, shopping, and other work."

Also, Americans need compliments. "Your eyes should get a little brighter when someone changes a hairstyle, or when you see other people's photos. There is a good time to praise. If the changes or photos are bad, find another way to appear pleasant, such as saying 'Cute!'"

For female visitors, Louboutins and hot pants are not advised. "Women should wear stockings with a nice skirt. Not shorts with high heels, otherwise they will be mistaken for call girls. Painted eyebrows and thick lipstick is another sign."

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