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Will & James's Guide to Amazing Race Episode 4

Will & James's Guide to Amazing Race Episode 4

Will and James of 32nd The Amazing Race drink

Will and James finished the third leg of the Amazing Race in first place! Get their insights, (and a sneak preview!) of 4th Episode here.

Last episode, the nine remaining teams made their way from the capital city of Colombia (Bogotá) deep into the “Heart of the Amazon” for the third leg of The Amazing Race. Only eight teams survived the grueling Amazonian heat and will be advancing in the competition. After a bold and risky move, we made it to the Pit Stop where Phil Keoghan informed us that we were TEAM #1, winning a trip for two from Travelocity to Bali, Indonesia. Ultimately father and son duo, Jerry and Frank (Team Eaves), didn’t survive the double U-Turn and were the third team eliminated from the Race. If you haven’t caught up on the most recent episode, be sure to watch as alliances were formed, mistakes were made, and big moves came into play. You can watch previous episodes on CBS All Access before we head to the capitol of Paraguay on tonight’s episode! If you want to hear more about what we have to say about the third episode, be sure to watch our recap below!

Paraguay, situated in the southern part of South America, is one of two landlocked countries in South America. This country is home to more than 7 million people, rich with culture and consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries on Earth. Asunción is the largest and capital city located on the Paraguay River and is considered one of the oldest cities in South America. Asunción is known as “the mother of cities” having been the point of departure for expeditions later founding Buenos Aires among others. Iguazu Falls is just miles from the three-way border between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, a popular tourist spot along with Saltos del Monday, another famous waterfall. With the landscape, culture and bustling city, another exciting leg of The Amazing Race awaits the remaining teams in Asunción!

Before we traveled to Asunción, we made sure to print a map of how to get around the city. Public transport in any foreign country can be stress inducing so being able to have some control over the situation can provide comfort at the beginning of the leg. Our Amazing Race journey up until this point has taken us from a predominately Spanish-speaking country to a Portuguese-speaking country and now we’re back to a country that speaks mostly Spanish. Mix in jet lag, exhaustion and pure adrenaline to concoct the perfect recipe for excitement.

The cultural experiences during the race have been some of our favorite moments so far. Traveling to Orquesta Reciclados Cateura was nothing short of a highlight for the both of us. Teams were faced with a roadblock that allowed one team member to work with local children and various recycled items to create an instrument for the orchestra.

On Amazing Race James helping build a cello out of recycled material


Watching the children play the recycled instruments was inspiring and definitely tugged on the heart strings. Music, in all its beauty, can come from the simplest items and when made by and for kids of all ages, that beauty is magnified. The simple things in life can bring out so much joy and happiness and remind us that no matter where we are we can all be connected through music.

On Amazing Race James with the children orchestra


During season 20 of The Amazing Race, teams traveled to Paraguay and competed in two challenges, a watermelon pyramid stack and a traditional Paraguayan bottle dance. Being avid viewers of the series, we had seen these two tasks and knew that both offered some challenges no matter which you chose.


Amazing Race James learns the bottle dance


One of the things that we were reminded of is how supportive people can be no matter the relationship. The communities we’ve seen so far on the race especially in Paraguay wanted you to succeed in all that you did and the constant supprt and uplifting smiles pushed each team to do their best no matter what task we were faced with.                                        

Be sure to watch the sneak peek of teams running off the plane to grab a taxi in this week’s episode below!

Tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race will be two hours and Paraguay is just the first hour! Get ready for an action-packed episode beginning at 8/7 Central on CBS. Across the world people are being asked to stay at home preventing all of us from visiting different places across the globe. We hope that viewers can have a sense of adventure as they watch this season of The Amazing Race and remind each of us how beautiful the world is and all the people who inhabit this planet. 

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