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Let This App Do The Queer Traveling For You

Kevin Supley's Out There

If you're suffering a bout of spring cabin fever, then these two queer travel series on Ovation’s Journy app might be just what the doctor ordered. Known for its immersive cultural and artistic experiences, Journy lets you explore the world from the palm of your hand, and they have plenty of content sure to safely satisfy just about every LGBTQ traveler.

Fabulocity features gay hosts Adamo Ruggiero (of Degrassi fame) and Jason Ruta (from U8TV: The Lofters) as they travel across the globe to find what exactly make as city fabulous. From Curaçao to Bangkok to Prince Edward Island, the duo brings along travel experts who joingin them in rat each city’s "fabulocity" using four queer-infused categories: flair, energy, flavor, and shine. The end result is an absolutely fabulous virtual visit to the fun global hotspots.

Kevin Supley's Out There

On the other hand, if you’re in desperate need of a Big Apple fix, Kyle Supley’s Out There is the series for you. Supley’s nine-part series goes out there to share with viewers his favorites sights, sounds, and people. Whether it’s taking a historian to explain Grand Central Station’s three-dimensional Lost Landmark Viewer or spending time with local artists, chefs, collectors, and more, Supley will keep you wildly entertained as he shares with you his favorites NYC experiences.

Kevin Supley's Out There

Journy has quickly become one of the top travel apps. With fresh new itineraries that highlight everything from spectacular natural beauty to bustling megacities, armchair travelers can safely see the sights, discover new cultures, and meet fascinating people. And with mainstays Fabulocity and Kyle Supley's Out There, LGBTQ travelers can use Journy to experience some of the most fabulous queer locations the world has to offer.

Journy is available for free on iOS, Android, and Roku devices, and via ZUMO, Plex, or VEWD.

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