Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Opens Second Location in New York City


By Jerry Portwood

We've loved the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (and the gay couple who run it) for some time now. So the news that they are opening their second bricks-and-mortar location in Manhattan got us excited.

The first store is located at 125 E. 7th St. in New York City's East Village, and the second will be located across town at 61 Grove St (corner of 7th Ave South) in the West Village.

The store is still a work-in-progress, but Doug Quint tells CBS New York that he "promises that one of the windows will be outrageous." They
guess unicorns—and they're probably. Since the fabricator is located in Red Hook, where there was significant damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, there have been delays.

Out talked to Doug earlier this year, and as he explained: "We do some custom flavors in our shop. But it’s all soft-serve, very high-quality soft-serve. What I think, and what Bryan and I both feel, is that we would have fun in dressing it up. That was originally out of necessity, since we could only run vanilla or chocolate. And the dips, the nuts, it was boring. It was candy heavy or sweet heavy. Our thrust was not in changing the ice cream but improving a very stale menu." So it will be a new destination for anyone visiting New York City—no matter what the weather.