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Magic Johnson and Other Celebs Shade Manny Pacquiao

Magic Johnson and Other Celebs Shade Manny Pacquiao

Magic Johnson, Mickey Rourke, and David Bautista are not having any of the boxer's homophobia. 

After Nike dumped him for comparing gay people to animals—actually, "worse than animals"—Manny Pacquiao doubled down on his remarks, citing every Bible-toting homophobe's favorite verse, Leviticus 20:13. You know, the verse ostensibly about putting homosexuals to death—depending how you look at it

Several celebrities have stepped up to speak out against Pacquiao, who nonetheless remains unbothered

Magic Johnson

Johnson, whose son EJ is gay, called out Pacquiao on Twitter:

Mickey Rourke

“I think they were wrong and out of place and I think that we all got to watch what we say," Rourke told TMZ. "You know, that was from the Old Testament he was quoting, so you got to give him a little bit of room. But I got a lot of gay friends. I’m a little bit gay myself.”

Rourke then kissed a man just to prove his point—or for kicks, whatever. It's 2016, we're all adults here.

David Bautista

davePhoto via Wikipedia/MattJuulMMA


The former professional wrestler and Guardians of the Galaxy star called Pacquiao a "fucking idiot" when TMZ ran into him recently. "My mom happens to be a lesbian so I don't fucking take that shit. I don't think it's funny," said Bautista, who like Pacquiao is of Filipino descent. "If anyone called my mother an animal I'd stick my foot in his ass."

It's a shame that Manny Pacquiao is continuing to spread ignorance, hate and negativity by disregarding context in favor of cherry-picking some random 2000-year-old rules that have nothing to do with modern life but serve only to support his view of the world, but at least people are willing to call him out on it. 

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