The Boeing 747s of Yesteryear Were Fabulous

The Boeing 747s of Yesteryear Were Fabulous

The idea of flying in a Boeing 747 hardly sounds luxurious to modern-day travelers, but for the denizens of the sky in the 1970s, things were decidedly more glamorous.

Sploid, a Gizmodo spin-off blog, published a collection of both conceptualized and realized photos of a Boeing 747 in the '70s. Suffice it to say that commercial looked a bit more fabulous back then. Boeing first conceptualized the liner when prompted by Pan Am in the 1960s. After building a prototype, the vision was transformed into a slightly modified — but not by much — jet model.

First and business classes included lounges with great furniture. Even in economy, the lack of overhead bins for carry-on luggage left plenty of head room for travelers. The whole set of photos will make you dream of better flying days.

See more of the photos on Sploid.

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