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Passengers on This Airline to be Weighed Before Boarding

And it's not the first time this airline has weighed its passengers.

Air New Zealand Announces Price Tag for New Economy Sleep Pods

It's the new way to stretch out on those long flights – but there is a catch.

This Asian Capital is Planning a New ‘Floating’ Swimming Pool and Art Pier

Only weeks earlier the city had announced plans for the world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel.

Shark Tourism Banned at Mexico’s Great White Hotspot

The Baja California Island was a popular destination for cage diving.

How to Win One of 500,000 Free Flights to Hong Kong

The campaign will offer up to half a million plane tickets to encourage the return of tourism.

1,600+ Flights Canceled Tuesday As Winter Weather Hits South

An additional 2,600 flights were delayed as Texas is hit by brutal ice storm.

World's 10 Most Powerful Tourism Cities

Which city rules all others as the top power in the international world of tourism?

Women Can Now Go Topless on Nantucket Beaches

There's now gender equality on this vacation island in Massachusetts where women can go naked waist up on beaches. 

French Polynesia to Cap Tourist Numbers in New Sustainability Plan

The hope is to balance tourism with environmental conservation, but others question the plan’s economic viability.

Breathtaking Pics as Trans-Bhutan Trail Opens to Outside World

Foreigners can make the 250-mile trek for the first time in 60 years, but at a price.

The Hotel That Inspired Dirty Dancing Burns to the Ground

The Borscht Belt hotel was in disrepair and had been abandoned for years.