Wanna Cruise With the Stars of Top Chef?

Wanna Cruise With the Stars of Top Chef?

Celebrity Cruises and Bravo's Emmy Award-winning Top Chef are teaming up to give travelers a foodie experience on the high seas.

Celebrity is launching four cruises — in July, August, September, and November, with ships traveling to Bermuda, Alaska, Europe, and the Caribbean, respectively — featuring former Top Chef contestants, cooking demos, and "Quickfire Challenges." There will also be other food events and seriously top-notch cuisine. For a little extra dough, cruisers can have private cooking classes with Top Chef stars, though it hasn't been announced yet which personalities will be on the cruises (pictured is season nine's Chris Crary).

It won't just be the four trips that feature Top Chef touches; Top Chef menus and "Quickfire Challenges" will be a part of 10 ships sailing out this year and next.

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