VIDEO: A Peek at the Brokeback Opera in Madrid

VIDEO: A Peek at the Brokeback Opera in Madrid

One of the most beloved gay love stories of all time, Brokeback Mountain, is currently wowing audiences as an opera at Madrid's Teatro Real. The Brokeback opera was written by American composer Charles Wuorinen, who explains why the story of two lovelorn cowboys in 20th-century America was an ideal plot:

"It's two people who some way want to have a relationship, so that's a very traditional operatic problem to deal with," Wuorinen told Agence France-Presse. "This is not about gay love. It is about a relationship which happens to be expressed through a passion between two men but who cannot bring it to fruition. Particularly, the central character Ennis is unable to, first, accept his own nature, to accept himself, and then to take any kind of steps to make a life which accommodates this reality of his character."

Wuorinen said he wanted to make it clear that his opera was "not propaganda," just a beautifully sad love story. Watch the clip below and see more pics of the production here.

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