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Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City: Nightlife

Salt Lake City: Nightlife

Salt Lake City: Nightlife

Check out the bars and clubs that cater to LGBTs in Salt Lake City.

Don't expect much of a "club" scene. If you're looking for that kind of nightlife, you've landed in the wrong pond, or lake, rather.

Out All Night - Zest Bar
275 S 200 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 433-0589
Vegan kitchen by day and trendy hot-spot at night, Zest Bar is a great stop for the out-of-the-Salt-Lake-ordinary. Club owner Casey Staker has been busy creating a hip, social environment for this popular, laid back hangout by enlisting DJs like Jesse Walker. Walker has been at the forefront of expanding gay dance music from its top 40s roots and growing the New City Movement into a production entity, mixing his deep sounds at the latest galleries and music festivals. "While things may seem ordinary on the surface, there’s more to see and experience once you find the rhythm of the city and its inhabitants," Walker said. "We absolutely love visitors and because of our location between the east and west coasts, we're accustomed to opening up and being good hosts." Salt Lake isn't like most places. "There’s an unabashed hunger for what’s next," he said. "Occasionally you have to invent it, but that’s the pioneer spirit. It’s also why thousands of people show up for our gay pride weekend." Don't miss Walker on June 7 at Zest Bar for Utah's Pride celebration.

Tipsy at the Movies - Brewvies
677 S 200 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 355-5500
For you movie buffs who appreciate the combination of great films, homemade food, and beer and cocktails, check out Brewvies. If you didn't account for enough time to order, eat, and drink before your film starts, take it in the theater with you! With 19 brews on tap and access to the latest releases in film, Brewvies is a local hang out that you don't want to miss.

From the Ashes - Garage on Beck
1199 Beck St, Salt Lake City, UT 84103
(801) 521-3904
On a summer morning of 2012, The Garage went up in flames. There was extensive damage to the structure, and the owners had no idea how they would rebuild. What happened next was unexpected. Salt Lake's strong sense of community proved invaluable as customers, business owners, and local media came to The Garage's support by helping it rebuild. Now the bar is an eclectic mix of biker-meets-mainstream with a line up of unique shows packed into an industrial space. But this isn't just a bar; don't miss the brunches on the patio.

DIVE IN - Try-angles
251 W 9th S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 364-3203
A neighborhood bar, its decor leaves much to be desired and the bathrooms could use some updating, but hey, this is a dive bar, not an interior design show. Try-angles is a fun place to just hang out and has a great patio during warmer weather months. The bartenders and patrons are friendly and welcoming—it's Salt Lake's "Cheers" for gay dudes. And while their "Gear Night" isn't what you'd expect in a bigger city, it's a place of no judgements. Try it, and take in a round of darts.

More to Drink
In Salt Lake you'll find a wide range of options for a great night out, including Bar X for seasoned spirts, Beerhive Pub with its long, ice top bar that keeps your beer cold, and Gracie's, if you're looking for a grill and pub vibe with an excellent patio that offers breath-taking Wasatch Mountain views.

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