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Luke Nero Brings Gay Nightlife to Orange County with Strut Bar & Club

Luke Nero Brings Gay Nightlife to Orange County with Strut Bar & Club


Gather around gays, it's time to go dance!

It's time to strut your stuff... literally.

Strut Bar & Club is the hottest destination for gay nightlife in Orange County, California.

Luke Nero converted the warehouse into the nightclub back in 2019, with locals and travelers all flocking to the sexy party spot.

"I was presented with this space, so I gave them everything. It's a fabulous, beautiful, very Instagram-worthy nightclub," Nero tells Out Traveler.

Despite the conservative neighborhood, Strut Bar & Club has established itself as a Southern California queer staple that offers inclusivity to the entire Costa Mesa area.

"It offers a safe space for queer people, quirky people, cooky people... all kinds of people who either think outside the box or just want to go to a place where they can have fun and let their hair down."

The club features a lineup of electric and eclectic weekly events, including nightly drag perfomances.

"We have seasonal drag brunch, [including] our Christmas spectacular where we have a Mariah Carey impersonator and she arrives on a sleigh. I wouldn't build this without having you leave without having a good time."

Many members of the LGBTQ+ community may feel validation or a night of freedom at a gay bar. Nero hopes to bring that sense of relief and excitement at Strut.

"I can see who arrives for the first time. You can see it on their face. For me, that's always the most rewarding part."

To see more of our interview with Luke, watch the video below. For more info, check out Strut Bar & Club's website here.

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