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Gia Gunn Talks OnlyFans, Trans Visibility & Her Growth Since Drag Race

Gia Gunn Talks OnlyFans, Trans Visibility & Her Growth Since 'Drag Race'

Gia Gunn Talks OnlyFans, Trans Visibility & Her Growth Since 'Drag Race'
Photo: Gia Gunn

The iconic queen is bring her signature shade and glamour to Las Vegas.

She's feeling her oats!

Fans of RuPaul's Drag Race love and remember Gia Gunn for her quick wit, iconic one-liners, and beautiful journey as a trans woman on season six and the popular spin-off All Stars 4.

Since appearing in the werkroom, the queen has grown substantially as an individual who's ready to leave the shady character in the past.

"Deep down, I think we're all here to help people. If I can help another trans person, or just another person in general to feel good or inspired, I think that's amazing. It is hard at times. I'm working on more self-love for myself so that I can take on this next chapter of my life. I really appreciate all of my supporters who haven't given up on me," Gunn says.

Part of her next chapter includes a recent launch of her OnlyFans, where she's celebrating her confidence in her beauty as a trans woman.

"In all transparency, as a trans woman, I'm just not that active in the drag scene anymore. To do the whole OnlyFans thing was a big decision for me. I love it. As trans women, we have to survive. Before, I was maybe ashamed or judgmental towards those that partook in that type of work, but here I am now! There should be no shame in your game."

Although the queen isn't as involved in the world of Drag Race since her exit from the franchise, Gunn is still keeping busy with plenty of jobs, including her upcoming gig at The Shag Room at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas this weekend.

"Fans are getting themselves the ultimate Gia Gunn experience, which is going to be involving very sexy, sultry, seductive shows. Of course, spilling all of the hot tea all over The Shag Room, all over the carpets, all over everyone! It's just going to be a party and I feel like it'll be nothing like you've ever been to before. I'm super excited."

One thing is also guaranteed... glamour will be at the function.

"Being a beautiful woman is something I've always admired and wanted to be my whole life. So now that I am, honey, any given chance... I like to let people know that the glamour has arrived!"

Fans get can tickets to see Gia Gunn at The Shag Room this Sunday here. To see the full interview, check out the video below.

Gia Gunn Talks OnlyFans, Trans Visibility & Her Growth Since 'Drag Race'

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