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By J. Scott Stanton


May 21–June 20 Bleeding from April’s IRS-timates? Blowing a refund that would fill the gap in a banana republic’s trade deficit? Worry not: You’re at your flirtin’, flittin’ best, more cutting than the Scissor Sisters. Flash it at Vegas while your gambling and gamboling luck holds. Just keep the trips domestic; foreign affairs could trip you up at work.

June 21–July 22 Feeling soft-shelled, crabs? It’s all in your subconscious. You might take some unexpected job-related journeys, but the truly rewarding exploration involves soul-searching, discovering your innermost desires and hidden agendas. Think of it as psychic spring cleaning. The result could prove more exciting than The L Word’s season climax.

July 23–August 22 You luscious lions embark on a voyage of upward mobility, prowling the latest see-and-be-seen scenes more doggedly than the Fab Five. Alas, things may not purr along back home; tossing your mane indiscriminately could turn your main squeeze into a choke hold. Suggest a break to avoid a breakup. Just remember: don’t cat around.

August 23–September 22 Hon, all work and no play makes even Jack McFarland a dull queen. Let your pals stage an intervention and do something wildly disorderly, like camping in Yosemite (or the Castro). Communing with nature, however messy, actually helps you organize your ideas—and it’s the perfect excuse to indulge your L.L. Bean fetish.

September 23–October 22 Hmm. Is that new hottie a potential soul mate or cell mate? Is your career really percolating, or is work just an espresso daily grind? Relax, doll, luck is on your side (along with sudden love handles). Lobby for any biz assignments overseas—work it off sightseeing.

October 23–November 21You ignite the boardroom and the bedroom; beware fireworks the last week of May. Mid June sparks compassion for the less fortunate. Emulating Angelina Jolie nets major karmic brownie points, so broaden those horizons: Volunteer to combat AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa or rebuild tsunami-ravaged Asia.

November 22–December 21 Early in May, new exercise routines get you out of personal ruts and into rutting form. That extra energy helps whip partnerships into shape when potential power plays (sorry, not the initialed kind) dominate late May. You’ll emerge on top personally and professionally, so pamper yourself after June 4 with a juicy jaunt.

December 22–January 19 This spring you can rustle the spreadsheets and the bedsheets. Partners long to embrace the buff superhero or heroine underneath the starched stuffed shirt. Holiday somewhere that gets your creative and other juices flowing—maybe Manchester, England’s artsy Queer Up North festival.

January 20–February 18 In late May, go exotic! You’re so hot that you’d outsizzle any Brazilian boy (or girl) from Ipanema. Since you water bearers composed the tune for that different drummer, samba at Aquarian-ruled São Paulo’s pride festival, with a soothing side trip to save the Amazon rain forest.

February 19–March 20 Poor guppies! Does life resemble a reality-show fishbowl complete with manipulative editing? Swimming against the tide? Then whisk partners away for a communicative spiritual retreat. Single? Paint P-town even pinker. Don’t play barracuda—except in bed.

March 21–April 19 This spring highlights family harmony: Take the kids somewhere suitably Disneyesque. You’re also feeling handy and hands-on, so emulate those Extreme Makeover hunk and hunkette TV carpenters. Repair any cracks at home (and that includes relationship renovations).

April 20–May 20 Moola-la! You bulls are cash cows for your fave charities as you network and work the Net the second half of May. Why not combine quick Human Rights Campaign fund-raising hops with antiquing,? Speaking of fragile items, surprise visits to homophobic siblings could prove surprisingly profitable.

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