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July/August 2005 | Travelscopes

July/August 2005 | Travelscopes

June 21–July 22
Lately you’ve felt like a Log Cabin Republican deciding whether to support Bush. Now let the new you emerge from your shell (even if the cash flow’s a trickle). Heck, come out to your family if you haven’t already. Regardless, you can go home again—and should.

July 23–August 22
Poor kitty. Feeling so misunderstood and unloved. Well, stop pussyfooting around and put your foot down. Just don’t roar too loud or you’ll sound like a desperate drama queen (or king). Play it safe: Restrict travel to surfing exotic chat rooms.

August 23–September 22
Sufferin’ Sappho! Is midsummer madness giving you a wee persecution complex? Get some perspective, queer dearie: Prostrate yourself at Amsterdam’s Homomonument, then hit a liberal local bar for a real Dutch treat.

September 23–October 22
You get dangerously hotter as summer progresses. Plus you’re a slave to your impulses, which leads to emotional, financial, and sexual extravagance. Opt for something cultural, like the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, to let loose in an artsy way.

October 23–November 21
Coworkers are whispering about your temper. Don’t care? Suppressing your nervous Nellie side is the emotional equivalent of kissing strangers. Go—alone—on an enlightening volunteer vacation…then attend Workaholics Anonymous.

November 22–December 21
Your famed wanderlust is damn lusty: Satisfy it before July 23. Of course, there’s nothing like working out, then working through kinks at home or work. So exercise some restraints at Toronto’s Folsom Fair North before you’re chained to the desk later this summer.

December 22–January 19
It’s not enough to put bread on the table, Cappie. You have to set the table. Surely your Machiavellian mind can concoct a way to make gobbling bratwurst at Munich pride (or herring at Stockholm pride) a biz trip–and your current amour tax-deductible. See? You can eat it too!

January 20–February 18
Sweetie, don’t keep your longing to settle down on the DL. After August 17 take your boyfriend somewhere reasonably romantic. Jerusalem’s WorldPride event would satisfy the hunk and humanitarian in you alike. Single? Those Israelis sure look good on the kibbutz or in khakis!

February 19–March 20
Sing out, Louise! Your theme songs–affirmations: “Let Me Entertain You” and “I Feel Pretty.” Let it all hang out on Mexico’s Hidden Beach (hit the gym so nothing hangs unattractively). Get hungover and ignore nagging voices inside your head and out.

March 21–April 19
Shackles don’t become you even in your dungeon, but you’re so sickeningly domestic, you might as well make it official. Propose a Canadian getaway with your wife-to-be in early July, perhaps the weekend of the 15th. Tying the knot between late July and mid August could lead to that tied-down feeling.

April 20–May 20
You feel surprisingly bullish on change, but beware of bulldozing others, especially come August. If kids or parents prove burdensome, don’t pretend you’re in a Desperate Housewives rerun. Forestall fireworks with a July 4 jaunt to visit relatives you actually like.

May 21–June 20
Oh, you iridescent social butterfly, flitting and fluttering so much even Lady Bunny would wig out. Creative types can make contacts galore; try sashaying to La-La Land’s Outfest. Tip: Don’t dish dirt unless you want your dirty Calvin Kleins aired.

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