Jerrod Carmichael
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Tips For Visiting Endangered Places

Here are some tips for the ethical traveler when visiting special and possibly endangered places.​

● Travel as green as possible. Take direct flights when you can and/or pay the optional carbon offset fee that many airlines offer. If public transportation is available in the area, take it. Walk when you can!

● Go with a reputable local guide. You may pay more, but they’ll respect the endangered area, as they understand it’s their livelihood. Official, sanctioned guides also have to pay government-imposed fees in critical areas, and you should expect to have those costs passed on to you.

● Take care of the place. Always use reef-safe sunscreen. Bring your own reusable (preferably nonplastic) water bottle. Take pains not to disturb the wildlife. Leave it as clean — or cleaner — than you found it.

● Don’t forget to share. Talk about these types of environmentally friendly tourist practices when posting to social media or when you’re back home sharing the stories of your amazing adventure. Only together can we keep these vulnerable places healthy and stable so they can inspire future generations of travelers.

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