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Nautical Needs

Nautical Needs: Gear to Take You Away From Shore

Nautical Needs: Gear to Take You Away From Shore

A little bit of gear can take you far away from shore, and just somewhat outside of your comfort zone.

Surf skis are long, narrow kayaks made for zipping through the waves—but slicing through the water like a razor means less stabilizing surface, and consequently surf skiing is typically a mastery sport. But the Ignite, a new model from Current Designs, is engineered to flatten out that learning curve to make surf skiing accessible to newbies and dabblers—while still looking badass. $2,599,

You Can Take It With You

Lash this hardy little SurfSafe case (with your keys, wallet, and Kiehl’s lip balm) to the inside of your seagoing vessel and the contents will stay dry until you’re back on solid ground. $6.25,

Below the Surface

Even snorkeling is benefiting from a design reboot. The EasyBreath snorkel lets you breathe better underwater, with your mouth and nose. The large mask surface won’t fog up like the old models, and offers an unobstructed a 180-degree field of vision. $61,

Cooling Spritz

Prefer soaking in the scene beachside to conquering the surf? Don’t forget the sunscreen, and refresh yourself occasionally with a mist of pure Evian Facial Natural Mineral Water Spray. 5 oz., $14.99.

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