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7 American Destination To Get your Spirituality On

7 American Destination To Get your Spirituality On

7 American Destination To Get your Spirituality On

Get tuned in with your inner being with these seven spiritual destinations.

It's the dead of winter for most of us in the United States, and you're probably now remembering that you made a "new year, new me" kind of resolution. It's never too late to reinvent yourself or rejuvinate your spirit, so here are seven places in America that will not only satsify your zest for travel, but also peak an interest for nourishing your inner life. We're bringing you a spiritual/magical twist to your travels with these seven destinations of wonder. 

1. Mt. Shasta
This grand, extinct volcano in northern California peaks to 14,162 feet, making it the largest volcanic peak in the continental United States. Shastan Indians who embarked on vision quests and worked with the diverse wildlife such as eagles, wolves, black bears, and bighorn sheep to connect to the land, dwelled upon this land and legend has it that even dwarf-like people from pre-Atlantis actually still live in the center of the mountain. The stories about this sacred mountain might be a little too “out there,” for some of you, but even the biggest skeptic of all things magic will notice that this spiritual spot is mystical in some unexplainable way. If you’re looking to be re-energized or just shop around the dozens of crystal shops, Mt. Shasta is definitely an experience worth investing in for your spiritual awakening.

2. Sedona
This picturesque destination in Arizona is every traveler’s dream come true. The natural formation of red rocks, the blanket of warmth, and the breath-taking landscape will instantly offer you a lasting moment of serenity. Sedona is one of the world’s identified vortexes. A vortex is an area of magnified magnetic energy that can stimulate your tingling spiritual senses. It’s common to see people meditating and there for spiritual healing and physical replenishing. Simply being in this vortex can benefit you. Go get your vortex on at this desert wonder.

3. White Sands
Just west of Alamogordo in New Mexico, you can find the world’s largest dune field. This vast dune field covers 230 square miles of gypsum sand with dunes rising as high as 60 feet. The best time to plan your trip would be on a warm winter day when tourism is low so you and your loved ones can play and frolic for hours without a care in the world in the glittering sand. To tap into your inner child and to experience a depth of calmness, plan a trip to this sacred land. Who knows—you might even catch a sighting of a UFO during your visit at this heavenly location.

4. Mt. Kilauea
On your next trip to Hawaii, make sure to stop on the Big Island and witness the grand experience of Kilauea Volcano. While you’re there, be sure to greet Pele, the Goddess of Fire, who dwells in the craters of the Volcano. Pele’s passionate fire has been producing blazing lava down this mountainside since 1983, creating land around the Southeastern region of the Big Island. Give her a visit to ignite your inner fire!

5. Wizard Island

All wizards unite! There is a magical island in Oregon. Birthed by a volcanic eruption from over 6,000 years ago, Wizard Island resides in the deepest lake of the U.S (Crater Lake). You can get to this mystical patch of land via boat during the summer season from the Crater Lake Shore. The only thing to keep an eye out for are the crayfish. Legend has it that they are consumed by spirit powers that can drag you down to the bottom of the lake! If you don’t want to take a chance on that possibility, the mysticism of the island can also be felt from afar.

6. Enchanted Rock

Residing just above central Texas, Enchanted Rock has attracted people for thousands of years. The pink granite dome is not only a sight to admire, but there’s so much you can do during your visit. Spend your day rock climbing, bird watching, hiking, or even stay the night and camp and enjoy some s'mores. If you’re looking to connect to nature and tune back into the earth’s wonders, consider doing so in the home of the Enchanted Rock.

7. Serpent’s Mount
In a little town called Peebles in Ohio, the Great Serpent Mound can be found. It’s about a quarter mile long, stands a few feet high, and it symbolizes an unraveling serpent. It’s believed to have been created by the Fort Ancient culture (100-1550 c.e), however it’s unlike any other Fort Ancient structures. While there are actually three other mounds created for burial, the Serpent mound was found to contain no human remains and it was designed to have the serpent’s head synced with the sunset on the summer solstice. Visitors can walk the along the mound on a trail built right along side it or climb up to a watch tower to enjoy an aerial view of the serpent. If you’re looking for a slithery spiritual experience, Serpent’s Mount seems like an appropriate destination.

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