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Same-Sex Weddings From Around the World

Same-Sex Weddings From Around the World

From Canada to Uruguay and South Africa to Belgium, these beautiful same-sex wedding photos remind Australia's Malcolm Turnbull that the country is lagging behind on marriage equality.

Photos Courtesy of All Out.

“All Out members from Canada to Uruguay and South Africa to Belgium have sent their beautiful same-sex wedding photos to Malcolm Turnbull to remind him that Australia is lagging behind on marriage equality.” said Leandro Ramos, Interim Executive Director of All Out, a 2 million-member global movement for love and equality. “The photos will be aired in a TV ad on Sky News today, to urge the Prime Minister not to stand in the way of love, and instead allow a free vote on marriage equality in Australia.”

Later this week, on December 3, a new crowdfunded commercial will also air on Sky News that will include these shows same-sex wedding photos and more All Out members from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Uruguay.

Adam and Jason, USA


Aisla and Kate, USA


Andree and Diego, Peru

Aires and Leonardo, USA


Arnaud and Francois, Belgium


Augustin and Francisco, Spain

BIanca and Carina, Denmark


Bruno and Koen, Belgium


Catherine and Vicky, UK


Ceri and Annie, UK

Colin and Carlos, UK


Dawn and Fabienne, UK


Dray and Edo, Netherlands


Eke and Cornely, Netherlands. Photographer Margot Kramer

Erica and Yuri, USA


Eryk and Sebastien, Belgium


Gemma and Lamy, UK


Gerri and Susan, Scotland

Giovanna and Carla, USA


Heath and Ryan, UK


Jamie and Stephen, UK


Julieta and Luján, Argentina

Kirsty and Helen, Scotland


Lauren and Sarah, UK


Lesley and Carmen, South Africa


Linda and Bex, Scotland

Magik and Denise, Netherlands


Mark and David, Canada


Maurice and Tom, Canada

Naledi and Patience, South Africa


Nicole and Holly, USA


Robert and Danny, Netherlands

Scotty and Paul, Scotland


Stephen and Jamie, UK


Stephen and Jimmie, USA


Stuart and Andrew, UK


Victoria and Samantha, Uruguay


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